We are happy to announce our newest session for The Library is Open Podcast! Today’s session features an interview with Michael Kucsak, Assistant Dean and Chief of Staff at Virginia Tech University Libraries. In this session Michael discuses why the freedom, flexibility and support system offered by ByWater and Koha was the best choice for the University Libraries. He also talks about managing change, setting the stage for a migration, successful communication and other aspects that prepared them for a migration from a propriety ILS to open source.

About Michael Kucsak

Michael is a graduate of Florida State University’s School of Library and Information Studies. As a professional librarian, Michael has worked for non-profit library consortia, public, private, k-12 and University libraries. He has been a library technology consultant for several different libraries including the State Library of Florida. While in the private sector, Michael became a Six Sigma Black Belt. Today he combines his skills in process improvement with his experience in library technology as the Assistant Dean and Chief of Staff for Virginia Tech. He continues to present around the country on topics that include process improvement in the library, eBooks, and enhanced discovery services.

You can watch the video version of this conversation on our YouTube channel, listen right here, subscribe to our podcast, or all of the above. Enjoy!

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