We are happy to announce our newest session for The Library is Open Podcast! Today’s session features an interview with Trey Gordner, Founder and CEO of Koios. Trey’s goal is to help libraries fulfill their mission in the digital age. In this session of The Library is Open Podcast, Trey discusses Koios, working with libraries, and what is on the horizon.

Koios began when Trey pitched a library software idea at Startup Weekend Columbia in November 2014. The idea was a browser extension that checked the library for you from Amazon. A great team came together, built a prototype in just 54 hours, and won the competition. This wasn’t Trey’s first run-in with libraries: he’d been working in and out of them for 5 years, and had just finished consulting with Richland Library on attracting young professionals and technologists. Read more about Koios and how they help libraries.

About Koios

Koios makes free library resources visible in Google search results. They combine a proprietary technology platform (http://www.readlibre.com) with expertise in search engine marketing and search engine optimization, so that libraries appear side-by-side with Amazon. This increases the use of public resources, engenders support for public libraries, and lowers the barrier to lifelong learning.

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Looking for more information about Koios to get your library started? Contact them today.

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