In this week’s podcast are guests Lori Ayre, Library Technology Consultant at Galecia Group, and Jessamyn West, Librarian and Community Technologist. Lori works with libraries to optimize their operations and find ways to leverage state-of-the-art technologies to reduce operating expenses without reducing service quality to library patrons. Jessamyn can teach anyone to use a computer and enjoys using free and open source tools to help libraries better serve their patrons.

Join us as we talk about Bookpoints, software that helps public libraries manage their summer reading programs. Bookpoints allows library staff to connect more people with summer reading through gamification and an engaging interface. This program helps librarians assess and demonstrate the their programs’ impact using built-in evaluation tools. Bookpoints also efficiently manage and report on their summer program.

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Interested in Learning more about Bookpoints? Check out Reading By Design for more information.

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